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Fit Tips

Fit Tips

Fit Tips

 What Shape Am I? ……….How to choose the right design and style for you,

 Here are some tips to help you find the best style for your shape so you look & feel terrific!

We want to help you enhance your assets & disguise any areas you might want to hide.

All our style are separates so you can select the top & bottom sizes that are the best fit for you.

 If you can’t find the help you need here you can email us here info@queenslandswimwear.com.au or ask us any questions on facebook or twitter……we’d love to hear from you!

 For fuller bust - D DD E F FF G cup

Choose styles with support, fit is important and you need to ensure your bust is supported.

Choose styles in specific cup sizes or with strong inner shelf liners.

To disguise a fuller bust wear a darker colour on top.

To highlight a great cleavage wear bright prints and colours and choose a halter style top.

 For smaller bust A / B cup

Most styles are suitable for a smaller bust.

To enhance your bust go for bright colours, large prints and horizontal stripes.

Bandeau shapes are great or to enhance your bust try a halter shape in a bright print.

 For tummy, hips and thighs

All QSC One Pieces & Full Pant Bottoms contain powermesh linings for tummy control.

To disguise your tummy choose darker colours or darker bold prints or matching a plain bottom with a printed top to draws the eye away from your bottom.

 Smaller bottom and hips

To enhance and widen your hips choose prints, vertical stripes or bright colours.

Great styles for those with smaller hips are Hipster Pant or Boylegs.


It’s all about your waist so choose styles to slim your waist & show it off.

One Piece look fantastic on the fuller busted hourglass shape, tummy control linings help sculpt the waist area.

Halter necklines will help show off a great cleavage.

If wearing a 2 piece keep the top & bottom in proportion, for example, avoid a full covering top with a skimpy pant.

 Straight or athletic figure

You are able to wear most swimwear styles so choose bold prints or stripes to draw attention to you bust and hips, away from your waist.

A Halter style will enhance your bust and give a curvier frame.

Boy Shorts and One Pieces are perfect for your shape

 Shorter body length

Body length bears no relation to height so you may still be really tall yet have a short torso, choosing a 2 piece style will give a better body fit.

A Hipster Pant with lower rise will lengthen your body and give the illusion of a longer body.

A bikini top & pant showing off your waist & giving space between your top & bottom will give a longer body effect.

Avoid boy-leg styles and horizontal stripes, as these will just shorten your legs.

 Longer body

You may not be extra tall but still have a longer body length, choosing a  2 piece, or styles designed especially for the longer body, usually aimed for ladies height 5’8” tall and over.

A Full Pant has a higher rise and will not elongate the length of your body, team it with a top of equal proportions to balance your shape.

Avoid low hipster pants as they will just make your body look longer.

  Need help in the fitting room?………we’ll be your personal fitter!

 So, we made it to the fitting room…………here’s the secrets you need to know!

With stretch fabrics, sometimes two sizes may actually fit you but the trick is finding the right size for you to make sure your swimwear fits perfectly.

 Many of the issues with fit are caused from wearing a size that is too large. If it is too small it doesn’t feel right & you know straight away. But, if you are wearing a size that is too big it means that the fabric is not working hard for you, doing what stretch fabrics are supposed to do – provide support, smooth and define your figure.

 Things to look for…………

 Saggy bust or no support … two options here…

Try a size down, the fabric should stretch over the bust and provide some support.

If there is a wire it should sit in neatly against the body at center front & underarm, not dig into the breast tissue.

OR if the size is correct

Adjust the straps so they are tighter,

Straps should not dig in but should sit comfortably on the shoulders or around the neck.

 Bust spilling over the top of the cup creating a “double bust”

Cup size is too small

A wire digging into the breast tissue at the center front or underarm means the cup size is too small.

Try the next cup size up, for example 12 DD, now try 12E.

 Underband too loose – riding up………

Band size is too big – if the cups fits OK try a band size down & a cup size up….

If you try a 14DD band and it’s too big at the back but the cups fit, try a 12E… this should help!

The bust should mostly be supported by the underband, the straps are a secondary help, not the main support ….always make sure your underband is secure enough.

 Wrinkles across the tummy…

The size may be too big so try a smaller size.

The powermesh liner is designed to stretch and provide control across your tummy, if you can’t feel it controlling you it’s not doing its job – try a size down.

 Baggy bottom…

The size may be too big so try a smaller size.

The fabric should fit smooth and snug over the bottom

 Bottom cheeks showing….

The size may be too small so try a bigger size.

The fit of our bottoms are designed to cover & support the bottom.

 Gaping at the neck…

Means there may be too much fabric.

Try a size smaller for a smoother fit.


Don’t forget if you still need help you can email us or contact us on facebook or twitter.

 Now you have the right fit - get out there and have some fun!


 Do you know how to care for your swimwear?

 Following these simple guidelines will protect and prolong the life of your garment


-       Rinse immediately after use

-       Cold gentle machine wash with mild detergent

-       Cool wash with similar colours

-       Line dry out of direct sunlight to prevent fading

-       Wash in a laundry bag if it contains wires


-       Don’t leave wet rolled in a towel

-       Do not bleach

-       Do not spin dry

-       Do not tumble dry.

-       Do not iron

-       Do not dry clean.

-       Avoid rough surfaces like pool edges; sit on a towel if you can

-       Leave in direct sunlight, some colours are very susceptible to light fastness and this will cause your garment to fade quickly.

-       Avoid harsh chemicals sometimes found in hot tubs; these will age your garments very quickly.

-       Do not pack or store when wet.